Feature Request - Ruler Pull-Out Guides

I believe this is in the hopper already, just reiterating how nice it would be for layout in the UI.

We all know the best design layout is accomplished in our dsign software, but with the versatility of the user interface in being able to continue adding design elements as easy as dragging and dropping in designs, pull-out guides would be very useful for alignment and centering.

The UI is already innovative with features like resizing and rotation, but since visual layout is a primary focus of the glowforge design, X and Y alignment guides could help with accuracy and ease of designing right on the bed.

I applaud the work of the software design team in making this tool so easy to use, and look forward to the continued evolution of the glowforge. :sunglasses:


Dittoing this,

Something like this needs to be one of the first 10 improvements after the team is done getting us the original promises.


Yes. But # 1 on that list should be folders.



I have folders on my laptop.

#1 should be SAVED SETTINGS :slight_smile:

Which would then lead to more imperatives for Folders :smile:


It would also be nice to have an auto-layout that detected holes in the material and placed parts of a design around them.

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You win this one (again). But FOLDERS are way up there on the list, dammit!


In my top 3 positions of things needed are:

1 Save settings for non-:proofgrade: materials
1 Save settings for entire jobs. (Settings for each object, size of each object, etc.)
2 Double-sided cutting
2 Folders
3 Rotate whatever I want
3 Resize axis independently

(Hey… I never said there were 3 things… just 3 positions.)


Let’s just make everything number 1.


Thank you for taking the time to post this feedback! I’ve captured all of it and passed it on to the rest of the team.

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