Feature Request: Set Focus and Trace (or enter material height and trace)

Problem: When you initiate a trace, the display defaults to the default camera view (which I presume is .0" or .001" “dewarp correction”). If scanning an actual object, for example, a lid top that is .438" tall (or really anything greater than the default assumed height), the resulting trace is the wrong size.

However, if you go into any ol’ job, set the material height manually to .438" > Add Artwork > Trace, the resulting trace is the correct size of the lid.

But, you have to go into a job and Add Artwork to do this which is contrary to (what I feel) is the optimal workflow (not randomly adding and deleting things out of jobs, and treating every job as new).

Request: Ability to either Set Focus or manually modify the material height in the trace function so that the trace is tracing from the correct material height.



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For what it’s worth, you can activate set focus but you can’t make it actually set focus.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets it.

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