Feature Request: Slider for engrave darkness on Proofgrade

My toaster has 10 power levels. It would be nice to have more than two options for engrave power on Proofgrade materials. Perhaps a “doneness” slider that goes from 1-10 with a darkness preview (I know there’s limits as to how accurate the preview can be based on monitor calibration, but a range would still be nice.) And then perhaps after the darkest setting the slider could continue on to select an approximate depth of engrave through the material?


This is a really nice feature request, but I bet implementing it will be hell. Darkness is (roughly) the amount of char, which kinda correlates with power and kinda correlates inversely with speed, but not very linearly. And of course with the PG pywood, everything changes once you get down into the MDF layer…

If I were GF, I would slowly roll out more “colors” for engrave on proofgrade as they were thoroughly tested.

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The whole point of Proofgrade is supposed to be predictability, so in theory they should be able to give at least a good estimate of relative powers. Even if they change the formulation, each piece has a separate serial number so they should be able to compensate for it.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.