Feature request: software version number

With the new features released today (yay!) I am refreshing on multiple browsers and not seeing it (boo!). I was pointed to where it could take 24 hours for an individual to see it, but it would be great to have some number somewhere that i could just look at instead of having to try a thing and refresh every so often to see if I have the new thing or not. I’m guessing it would make support requests easier as well to know if they have a cached version of the software or not.

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a Check For Updates toggle, that you could clickity click on before starting anything large or complex.


Current firmware release is now v1.3.1-11.


What is the definition of firmware in this case? Is that the software on the machine or the web interface or are they one in the same? How do you find that number?

The firmware is the software that resides on the device.

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Does the firmware on the device and the web application increment together, or independently?

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This is an educated guess, because GF is notoriously tight lipped…

They can do one, the other, or both. The device announces its firmware version to the cloud when it connects, so the cloud knows what the capabilities/requirements are for the device.

As an example, if some new feature was released that required the newer firmware, the cloud could be programmed so it wouldn’t let you use that feature until your device updated its firmware. In practice, this would be a very short window as the device is pretty aggressive about finding an opportunity to update its firmware.

That being said, the bulk of the recent feature releases appear to have been mostly cloud based. Firmware updates are much less frequent.


That’s the 1/8 update?


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That’s a great idea for a feature–thanks for the suggestion! I’ve passed it on to the team.