Feature suggestion: Auto Nesting function for pro members

I think it would be extremely beneficial to incorporate an auto nesting function to the pro membership to automatically arrange designs to an optimal orientation allowing for increased material efficiency. It would also increase the value of a pro membership. In addition it adding it would further reduce the need for 3rd party software.
There are several discussions about using 3rd party programs but I did not find any comments about incorporating this feature into the GF app.


Deepnest.io takes like 30 minutes+ to nest anything like a complicated design…and that doesn’t take into account a non-new piece of material. Not something I’d ever do on the :glowforge: GFUI. I like using up my scrap too much :slight_smile:



Ah ha. But…

You have an overhead camera. I’ve suggested this before someplace. One of the biggest uses of the camera, IMO, is to effectively use scraps. I’m not huge on having piles of it around, but I see some people getting a ton of yield!

Back to the but… if we are on wishlist stuff and ideas, how about a nesting functionality that integrates with the camera and can effectively use any piece of material, regardless of what has already been cut?


Take my money!!!

Seriously, that would be amazing.

And as for features for the app, I think the backlog would be impressive :slight_smile:


I think that would pair well with a matrix distribution / nesting. Basically, create x copies for me and fill it in based on the best material usage, around the holes, and what not!


I’m still newer to glowforge but I do remember hearing caution on cutting close to the edge of a material when I was first reading into it. Is that actually a thing to watch out for? And if so, then who carries the risk of optimizing a scrap cut? When I cut up scraps I really am not good at getting the most out of them because I’m worried about edges. Either way, software that can do that would be amazing.

:man_shrugging:t2: I’ve never worried about proximity to the edge.


i’ve shaved some incredibly thin slices off the edge of scraps before. to be fair, i didn’t think they were quite that closer in the UI. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how practical it is, but I love the idea.

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That’s a great idea! Glowforge Premium can do lots of things, but it doesn’t do that - yet.

We are always looking to add and improve, so I’ll share your suggestions with the product team. I hope they decide to go with it in a future version.