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Pretty sure the topic was squirrels.


LOL! Thanks for your insight! LOL!



Well, while I disagree which is neither here nor there, but without that bridge it didn’t sound at all… It is similar when I am on a shoot with my big SLR rig, and someone says “oh, my cellphone is as good”. Well no, it’s not (photons matter), but I shoot all the time with a cellphone when that’s all I have; because the best camera is the one you have on you. In this case she would not have been able to perform at all (unless she can beatbox viola) so I’d say it sounded 100% (infinite?) better…


Very Nice storie !!! I am so anxious to receive mine !


Not enough ‘heart’ likes for this statement. Truth!


Bacon…that squirrel needs some bacon. :pig2:
Ok, next challenge…make a bridge with bacon…just because.
Can’t believe a full page of food smilies and no bacoooooon

Sorry not enough sleep last night…


I never said that. Doesn’t bother me what internet folks think.


I am still genuinely curious, do you work with premade blanks at all or do you start every bridge from scratch by hand? This is far from my realm of knowledge


You didn’t say it, but it was implied. What else could we infer from such a flat declaration…[quote=“willcfc, post:148, topic:5986”]
That bridge made the violin sound like absolute garbage.

…that you felt a need to pee all over the inspiration?

It wasn’t a demonstration with luthiers in mind. The universe presented Dan with an opportunity to help her, and a perfect demonstration for all of us of a major feature, which he was excited to share - and everyone with the exception of you appreciated it. [quote=“willcfc, post:154, topic:5986”]
you don’t know what you’re doing, and therefor don’t know why this is for the most part a stupid idea.
Ignorance is a hole we are all climbing out of, that includes you.

Civility 101 - A more fitting response would have been something along the lines of “That’s a neat feature, but as a skilled luthier I can tell you it will need a proper fitting to achieve the best sound” at which point sharing your knowledge with us would have been much better received than rubbing our noses in how much we don’t know.

Yeah, that comes across.

Apologies to everyone else here, it is a weakness of mine, kind of a Jekyll/Hyde thing.
Flag me if you like, Jekyll isn’t here anymore, and Hyde doesn’t care.


I, for one, applaud what you say here. Thank you.


Slow clap. :clap:

I had tried subtle earlier but I don’t think they understand subtle.


Great reply. :relaxed:


B.R.A.V.O! Thank you for stating so eloquently (as you are oft to do) what many, if not all of us, were thinking.


Hear, hear. We are all here because we bought this thing, and we are still here through the delays and heartache because we believe in the creative power this machine will give us. This forum is here for us to exchange information and inspiration-and to build a community. While I’m all for dissent, it is important that we don’t deal with disagreements using hostility. It is pointless and accomplishes nothing. It seems to me that anyone who is still here should be able to find common ground with the rest of us, as we are all still here for the same reasons (presumably?). If anyone wants to make a bridge or a violin or a watch or absolutely anything else with their fancy laser machine, even if they have no relevant skills or training or expertise, it’s not for the rest of us to pass judgment on. More power to you-make what you want. We aren’t just random internet people here waiting to be targeted by toxic trolls. We all paid the price to be here, and we all deserve a little more respect. If only lasers could make civility.


Flag you? Pin it would be better. You, Sir, took the words right out of my mouth.


I totally agree !! I would have probably posted something more like…


That cat looks very angry…


He looks that way, but he’s really a pussy.


Probably because someone threw its watermelon in a lake.