February Design Of The Month

Is there a Design of the Month for February? I thought I saw several at the beginning of the month but I didn’t “purchase” them when I first saw them and now they seem to have disappeared. Any chance they’ll be coming back? We’re only half way through the month so they should still be available.

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They come and go. If you want ,you grab. They are likely still for sale and possible free for premium. I would not expect strict adherence to dates either front or back. :slightly_smiling_face:


I noticed too that they’re gone from the top of the listing. That’s not normal. They should be there till the end of February. Probably a coding glitch. If you still have your glowforge email announcing the new designs, you might be able to get to them that way.

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I checked my email, and the creator is Easely. Checking all her designs, the ones for this month are not listed.
You may want to email glowforge support to say they are missing.


Today the ever changing banner on the Glowforge page is this, and yet the designs are not in the catalog:


There is a catalog designers group on Facebook and there is an ongoing discussion about this. The person who designed this was faced with an accusation of infringement from someone on Etsy (not in this forum) who said that the design was copied from her. Just this morning, this was mentioned…about how this design is featured yet not accessible. GF pulled this design from the catalog persuant to the accusation, yet apparently left the photo and link in the banner.


Thanks for the explanation. I went looking for this month’s design tonight once I realized I hadn’t grabbed it. I do think GF should be supplying a replacement design though since it is part of the Premium deal that you get to keep the design forever if you grab it during the featured month


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