FedEx damage process

Hello I’ve got an issue with items from FedEx arriving with damage, so far it has never been an issue with GF PG materials. That is until today.

The damage was limited to just the Cherry Plywood. My question is how to move forward? Would GF reach out to FedEx or do I have to? The wood is still (mostly) usable but I would like it reported so it may not happen again to anyone else.

You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here so a staff member will get back to you shortly - but they’re likely to take the discussion to email since you’ll be talking about personal information.

In either case they’ll get you a replacement sheet of ply

You need to file a claim with fedex.

Edit: Posting here is appropriate. GF will make it right.

actually, i don’t believe the recipient can make a claim. only the shipper. GF would have to make the claim.

Oh no! That’s now how we want your proofgrade arriving to you, @gregk. I’ll be closing out this thread and following up with you via email to make this right.


Yup. My bad (again…)

Recipient should refuse delivery, otherwise only shipper can claim because they’re the one paying for the service.