FedEx return of broken Pro

The broken Pro that is to be returned has been sitting on my porch, waiting for FedEx pickup for 2 days. I have scheduled twice, and no-show. Because the label is made through GF Fedex account, and not my own, I cannot get through to customer service with any success. The option given to me was to take it to a drop-off. I do not have an option for getting it there without leaving small children alone at home. I’m not sure what I am supposed to do, as I am coming up on the time it is to be returned by. I also don’t like the idea of it just sitting on the porch.

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That’s not the point. I shouldn’t have to do that. I need GF to contact Fedex about the label they created, and get it picked up.

FedEx does not allow us to schedule pick-ups for you. There are privacy issues involved that prevents us from doing so. If scheduling via their automated systems has not worked, there are some phone numbers available on FedEx’s website. Perhaps speaking to an agent over the phone would be the thing to solve the problem with them.

I hope this helps.

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I had a similar problem with FedEx returning a busted bicycle last month. I tried to schedule a pickup via the online system and it didn’t work. Talked to an agent at FedEx and they told me I couldn’t schedule a pickup because the manufacturer created the label and something about they needed the company to contact FedEx to modify the label allowing a customer to do the scheduling. I could never figure it out and the company, just like GF, had a couple day response time. I gave up and drove 50 miles to the nearest FedEx large item shipping point.

To me this problem screams a problem at FedEx and since they are not allowing the customer to fix the issue it is only something GF can get corrected.


Finally got it picked up after several tries. Perhaps a different carrier should be used. This one is absolutely not dependable. I had $6000 sitting on my front porch for 4 days.

Hello Kirstin,

I’m so sorry that FedEx left you hanging for several days like that—that’s completely unacceptable.

Thank you so much for being persistent with them. I’ve filed a report on that with our logistics team so they can pursue the matter with FedEx and take this experience into consideration as we make choices regarding carriers moving forward.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help make this frustrating situation better for you.

Best regards,