Felt decorated fascinators I have been making!



I have been working a lot with felt in the last several months and lately costuming for an upcoming con. Here are a bunch of the hats I’ve been making! Click in to the photos, there are more than just Star Wars hats in here. (I haven’t edited all the photos yet so forgive the color on some). Also since even after a year of membership I still don’t have basic privileges and can still only post 3 photos (since my husband is the “owner” of the glowforge he can post more but I can’t), you will see more photos in the comments and more still on the Facebook Glowforge Users Group.






This one is me wearing the Dear Star fascinator shown above, but I wanted to show it on for size. This is the largest of all the hats posted here.


These are totally unexpected and very cool. I love out-of-the-box GF uses!


I was able to upgrade my membership type by emailing support and explaining that I own the GF jointly with my husband, FYI.

Beautiful fascinators!


Nice! Keep on burninating!


elizabeth, when were you able to do this? I tried a long time ago and was told they couldn’t do it.


They look amazing!! I’m sure they’ll be a hit at Cons!!


Very cute! I like the Toothless one. :grin:


You are an expert milliner, and your fascinators are fascinating! Those are pretty cool hat stands as well.


Maybe a year ago? It was the second time I tried emailing to ask about it - the first time they told me to just wait and Discourse would upgrade me eventually. I’m pretty sure that one was due to a failure to read the question.


These are awesome!


Huh, my try was about 8 months ago and I was basically told the wait for the eventual upgrade thing. I will try again and see what happens. Thank you!


The Deathstar it to die for! That’s fabulous…what Con might you be appearing at? :slight_smile:


Thank you, that was only the second design I made but it absolutely one of my favorites.

It is actually a Con on a cruise called the JoCo cruise. It’s an awesome nerd boat and I adore it!! Over the summer I also intend to be at Silicon Valley Comic Con, but the imminent deadline I am making like crazy for is the JoCo cruise. https://jococruise.com


DUUUDE JoCo looks like so much fun! I hope you sell them all, and come back with a list of emails for when you have refilled your stock :slight_smile:


These ones are all for personal use for me, my family and friends (and yes, to collect emails for once I can build up a bit of stock, at least on the simpler one, some take enough work it isn’t worth selling them).