Feudal Japanese Inspired Guinea Pig House

So, our Guinea Pig was in need of a new house, and I was in need of a new project. So I decided to try & make her a new house, inspired by the Feudal Japanese homes (or at least, those I saw when doing a Google Images search :P)

The project ended up using 5 sheets of draftboard, but could be reduced to around 3 if you don’t mind a smaller house. The house was made by gluing shogi paper onto the “inner” walls, then gluing the thinner pieces on top. These outer pieces were first colored with a brown colored pencil, and were oversized to hide the box joints from the first part.

The roof doubles as the hay feeder - I attached little bundles of hay using twine onto the roof, giving our Guinea some minor exercise as she eats her roof!

I’ve uploaded the Adobe Illustrator file, but the exported SVGs are over on my GitHub repository (https://github.com/SethRowe/Glowforge-Designs) if those work better for you. A few quick notes - I use Red for my cuts, and Blue for the scores. The scores on the inner pieces are to help with placement of the later pieces. Also, I was in a hurry, and didn’t make the various pieces symmetrical, which will require some trial and error during the construction phase!

I hope you enjoy!

  • Seth

guinea japanese house.ai (219.9 KB)


Both excellent design and nourishing for your guinea pig. Love it!


Furry Friend gingerbread house.
Great concept.


This is just one of the coolest and funnest things I’ve seen in a long time. It looks so authentic. Very nice work.


Wonderful! My science fair project was Guinea Pigs. Little did I know one was pregnant. Birth occurred during the fair much to the consternation of the Nuns! Too funny now :grinning:


Simply adorable! (And it does look very realistic…I’d hesitate to let her eat it!) :smile:

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Many years ago in grade school used to have a Guinea Pig named Jezebel that I treated like a little person (probably too much so, in hindsight) but she never had such swanky digs. Just awesome! If that GP had opposable thumbs I’m sure they’d both be up.:+1:t4:


Love all the detail you put into it!

Makes you feel like a little kid again when you do a fun project on the Glowforge!

Thanks for the nice comments all! :slight_smile:

Ohmygosh, this is adorable! Thanks for the file. I’ll bet it wouldn’t take a lot of work to turn it into an Irish thatched cottage if you were so inclined.

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Looking I see this is currently out of print but has great ideas if you can find one…


Looks like a cool book! I’ll see if my library can get it in, otherwise Amazon & eBay have some used copies for < 10 dollars. Thanks for sharing!


I like it. :sunglasses:

Sweetest thing ever!

VERY creative and clever. That’s one lucky guinea pig!!

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I am just worried what it will look like after he moves in…they love to nibble wood.
Still it is lovely now.

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Actually, I kinda planned on it being a giant chew stick. I am really curious how long it will last before she’s “remodeled” it from a Japanese cottage to a pile of draftboard scrap!


No kidding… this made my day!

A quick notice of the pictures in a different frame of mind I recall my pet capybara as she would look peeking out of a normal sized house.

Although today’s capybaras only grow to the size of a St. Bernard their ancestors would look about like that compared to a house.

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A…MAZINGING!!! Curious how long it took her to eat it? I know if I put something like that in our cage (3 piggies) it’d last maybe 2 days. :slight_smile: