File changed to a dotted line. Won't cut, says change to no fill

I haven’t used my GF in about 5 months so perhaps this is a new issue but I never encountered it before today. It will not cut and says that my file isn’t a complete line. It has changed my cut line, in red, to a dotted line. But as you can see from the screen shot that is not how I designed it in AI (SVG file). I am cutting in 1/16" hickory that is masked from Lasered by the Creek in case you’re interested.

Any suggestions? I keep checking the line and fill boxes to ensure that they aren’t a problem in the original file and they are not.

Your cut lines will appear as dotted lines until they are in the printable area of the Glowforge. Once they are in the area that Glowforge can cut, they will appear as full lines.


Ok thanks for the help. I guess I am rusty after a time being inactive!

In re reading your post, this may not be the issue. Can you share a screenshot of what the interface looks like and the error it gives you for not cutting?

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Ok just a minute, will do, thanks!

Here it is, and I moved the file down so it’s not a placement/cut area issue.

Different problem. That means you have an open path. You can share the file so someone can help, or open the file and inspect it in display mode to try to find the open path.

Did you make these using copy and paste?

Yes, I replicated them using copy and paste from the original single one that I designed/

Can you share the file?

FFS test back

Thanks for your help!

So perplexed. It’s currently engraving the reverse side of this design. Which is a far more complicated file.

It has something to do with how the grouping is done.

I just downloaded the file again and dragged it onto my dashboard. I don’t think you can do all of them at once, but it loaded and didn’t throw the error.

Weird. Thanks for your time. I guess I recreate that file and see if I can get it to work. Just really odd that it will do the more complicated front side. Thanks again!

Just try reloading it. I was actually no help, but I’m sympathetic.

Your screenshots don’t have any settings applied. Doesn’t it appear as dashed lines until settings are applied?

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She was getting the filled shape is open error.