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Can someone tell me how to make something like

this in Inkscape? I want to make it out of leather.

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If you’re wanting it to all be together, you need to draw your circle, type the word, Path-object to path, Object, ungroup. I usually change the fill to stroke so i can see best. Then select all and union. This will put them all together and cut out the circle and text.

If you just want the ‘word’ Blessed cut out to ‘add’ to a hoop, you would just do the part of typing the word…then you would just have the word Blessed cut out.

Not sure if this really addresses what you need. You may need to post additional information if this isn’t the intent.


The same advice with pictures is at:

(obviously your circle will be much bigger, but the instructions are solid)
For future reference the Tips and Tricks section is filled with guides to things such as this - type in a search for Inkscape and have fun!


I tried to have the word blessed cut out and it just cut into pieces that fell apart.

You need to use a font where each letter overlaps the next (like in your photo) so the end result is a single piece. If you do your design in an external program, you also need to remember to weld/union the letters together to form a single vector path before saving/exporting the design.

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I accidentally posted this in a different thread…

The problem with using all caps is that it’s hard to make it look good when you weld/union them. Here’s one that is all caps…the other all caps is one that i did an outset-‘bloating’ it to provide more substance to the cut. The other is blessed in a more script text-to me its a little easier to make it look right.

Good luck!



I tried this and still engraved the opposite of what I needed. Can anyone help me? I need the file with a bar behind blessed. Exactly like how I posted the initial photo.

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