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Is there a file that one can use to engrave a sheet of material with various settings to use as a reference when creating projects. I have seen pictures of such a thing for other machines?

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What you ask for is certainly available in several iterations i the free file section. Here is one, but there are several others in the Free Files section. Full Engrave Settings Template for GlowForge - Engrave this template to get a good idea for how your settings will look


You do realize every material will require different settings right?


Of course I do, I would make one sample for each material that I commonly use.

Thank you

There are files for such a test here somewhere if you search. I think #evansd2 posted one a while back.

Actually evansd2 thinks these kinds of engraving contact sheets are nearly useless. I think there are too many variables to solve for to make a “one size fits all”engraving test sheet.

Other people love them; I think they’re a waste of time.

I think it is better to understand the impact changing various settings have in the process, then you can make a very good guess as to what engrave settings to use.


I still use this one as a standard for comparison. Even if you are not using those specific settings you have a standard to compare to materials you are more familiar with.

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Yeah I always try a good guess and then adjust up or down as needed.

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