Full Engrave Settings Template for GlowForge - Engrave this template to get a good idea for how your settings will look

This will take you about 20 minutes or so to put in all 100+ settings in the GFUI but once you do you can apply to all materials. Just make sure to shrink it down or the operation will be really long and if it’s too long GF won’t accept it.

Glowforge Engrave Template 3.zip (1.6 MB)

I would suggest ignoring many of the lower left operations! :wink:


I wonder if the job setting bookmark tool could handle this?

In theory that could be bundled with the art file and voila we have a default test job for materials.


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that I am able to save the settings in the GFUI. So get all the material you want to test ready ahead of time. I am hoping that they fix that in the near future.


I was referring to this recent post;


(Edit: fixed link)

love the sheet, but what about LPI


Aren’t the colors of the ellipse impacting the engrave?
(as in the overall luminance adjusts the dot pattern or power depending on your chosen engrave type)

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I left a space where you could import another svg with the name of the wood, caliper readings, and lpi. Or you can write it on the back when you are done.

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You manually set the power and speed for each oval. The different colors just tell the GF that it is a different process.


If it’s a vector engrave you can’t change the mode to vary power anyway, so colors wouldn’t matter for engrave depth.

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Ah, yeah, I was thinking non-vector engraves. Sorry.

@kirruu.berry Yeah I knew about the colors causing the GFUI to break it into separate steps. I was just thinking of image/photo engraves, and not vector ones.

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Nice work and thanks!

Thanks for posting this!

Is this link broken or the file gone?
It is exactly what I was looking for, but I can’t open it to get the svg file…
Any help would be appreciated.

Click on the blue download link between the two pictures to download the Zipped file. (It’s an AI file, you might need Illustrator or Inkscape to open it.)

When I download this file and try to load it in my CS3 version I get a message “if i load it I could lose details”… should I be worried?

Thank you Thank you!

I kept trying to unzip it and open it, but my computer kept trying to open the ai file in FireFox…? Soooooo that wasn’t working. Inkscape worked - just had to talk my comp into doing it for me…

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Anyone want to remix this as a Fractional factorial design?

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They’ve made quite a few advances in the software in the past decade. You should expect using that software that old might cause you some issues. CS6 is only about 6 years old. It will do you a lot better if you can buy it somewhere, but even then you should expect certain things may not work as expected.

Thanks for the comment. I will see if I can find something newer…

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Thank you so much for sharing these settings! I used them on a piece of 2x4 as my first project in the forge and I used your template for the mgraving and it’s didnt even scorch! Thank you!

The only problem I found with this approach is that if you go higher resolution the results will also be different. Especially at max resolution it’s almost as multi pass and the engrave will be much deeper as on the Template at default resolution.

Resolution (for me :slight_smile: ) = LPI (Line per inch)

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