File sizes

Hello. I have recently purchased some files from Etsy for the glowforge some I have already downloaded and used and all has been fine, however I have several that will not load to the glowforge software at it states the file is too big unless I purchase glowforge premium I cannot upload it. I have messaged the sellers and they said no one else has had a problem with the files. Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do to get these files into the glowforge design ? Thanks in advance

You will probably need to separate the files that are too large into smaller individual files. You can do this in a program such as Inkscape.


Do you have a Glowforge, an Aura, or a Spark? For the last two there is a file size maximum of 100MB without Premium. There is no max, other than the machine’s capability which is huge.

As @dklgood said, you can break up your image if you’ve got one of the ones that are file size limited.