File will not load

Hello fellow makers! I’m having a problem with one of my files loading. I’ve tried restarting computer, using a different browser, and even trying it on a different computer then trying on the iPad. Is anyone else having this problem? This file has opened before without issue. Also, I signed out of glowforge and signed back in. It still will not load. I’ve spend a lot of time on this project! Please help me! Thanks so much.


This is a file that you ran successfully before?
The server saves the file in the last configuration, so if you deleted the bed image to clear it, the file was saved that way.


I never delete bed images. Never ever. This can’t be why it won’t even open.

Ok, so can you load a known file like the gift of good measure?

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble. In order to investigate further, I’ll need a bit more detail.

Could you please let me know what happens when you try to load this file? If you receive an error message, what does it say?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Vee. I am currently out of town until Sunday…but it would either not load or would say oh snap! there was an error try reloading… I went through all of chromes suggestions removing cookies, clearing cache, restarted computer, turned off and on the glowforge. I signed out of glowforge then signed back in. I used my HP, my MAC, and an ipad trying to get it to load and it never would. Oh, and I reset the wifi as well. It would open other files without issue.

Its the file called fancy markers. I sorry I am out of town or I would show you a picture of it.


I’m not home at this time to try it.

Thanks for following up. I’m afraid I wasn’t able to locate this file in order to examine more closely. Could you please post the file here once you’re back home? If you’d prefer not to share it on the forum, I understand - you can email it to us at instead.


Thanks for following up with that. I can see you emailed us about this, as well. I’m going to close this thread so we can keep working on it there.