Files still not rendering no help from support

Its been about 5 days since my problem started and I’ve gotten no help from support. Just an email saying “we’re looking into it”. I have lost 5 days of work and have tons of orders that need to ship out by Monday. I know many other owners are having the same problem with designs not rendering and its becoming frustrating at this point. I have troubleshooted my Mac and glowforge many times. I’m at a loss of what to do. SUPPORT PLEASE HELP YOUR MAKERS WITH THIS PROBLEM.

None of your files work?

All of my most used files will not load.

Last I heard was that this issue had been resolved. Have you closed your browser and reopened the app?

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I guess the solution hasn’t reached me yet? :confused: Ive already reopened several times, nothing is working

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

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Yes, nothing has worked.

Could you send me the link where it was solved? Maybe I’m missing something.

No, you’re probably not missing anything. Honestly, I’m not sure where I saw it…sorry. Just hang in there and I’m sure support will help you, soon.

If this is an outage many people are seeing they should start a topic with detailed information also so support can get more information. If they are thinking its a single issue and are just looking at your info seeing a wide spread outage might have them look in a different direction for a faster resolution.

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The issue @Xabbess might be thinking of was closed in many P&S threads and posted on the status page…

Errors while using the Glowforge App

Resolved - Customers experienced issues interacting with the designs in the Glowforge App. The issue has been resolved since 10:11 AM PDT. Please refresh the Glowforge app in your browser if you’re still having trouble scaling or moving designs in the app,
Aug 5, 10:26 PDT

Investigating - We’re investigating an issue that may interfere with using the Glowforge App. We’ll update this when it’s resolved.
Aug 5, 09:27 PDT

I’m sure that was it. Thanks for having my back. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m deeply sorry about this. We’re seeing the same trouble with some designs, still. While the symptom (a persistent “Rendering your Design” message) is identical to the now-resolved issue that was happening last week, we’ve found that there is a separate issue causing the same trouble. This is still terrible inconvenient for you, I understand, and the team is working hard on getting this resolved.