Files will not upload to app!

When I try to upload my SVG files to the app, I get this error message. Every single time. Tried on both my PC and Mac with no luck. I just got my machine today and I’ve been designing files for weeks in preparation! Please help!

Welcome! If you upload your file, someone can try uploading it to see if there is something wrong with it. (and we can try to upload it to see if it works for someone else)
The first questions that come to mind: What type of file are you trying to upload? How large is the file? I wonder if there’s any issue with the wifi that could impact it, but I don’t know.

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Welcome to the forum.
How were the files created - what program?
Have you tried dragging the file onto the interface rather than uploading?
Can you share one of the files giving you trouble here? Don’t share a purchased file that is not yours to share.

Thank you. I think it must be an issue with my file. I tried a few others and have had some success. Thank you for your help!

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Did you create the file yourself? If it’s something not too wild, often we try to help each other fix files when someone is stuck, or still learning and needing help. :slight_smile: If the file is yours, and you want to share it, we would be happy to peek at it and see if we can give you some tips. No pressure, though. I just know we all need help sometimes.


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