I am trying to engrave useing the 3d engrave but can not figure out what type of file it needs to be to do it.
Any help is would be nice.

A quick search of 3d engrave results in many, many informative posts.


A png or jpg works but the look has to be very special.
normal photos infer 3d by side lighting and color so one side will be lighter and one darker.

To have the engrave come as a relief 3D those hints work against what you want. To do relief carving the high stuff has to be white and as it goes to the back ever darker shades of gray to black. It is also called a bump map when used in such applications as video games.

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@rbtdanforth is correct - 3D engrave is only available for raster graphics (bitmaps) like JPG or PNG. You can also embed a raster graphic in an SVG or PDF that also contains vector elements, but the 3D engrave option will only be available for the raster elements of the file.