Filled shape is open error - on file type I use all the time

Hi there,

I use my GF to engrave personalized wallet-size combs I make. I use a template on illustrator (same file every time), add the text, create outlines, merge any overlapping shapes, export to SVG (or save as SVG, same error) and I do this frequently and haven’t changed my process. I don’t edit the text or text shapes manually.

Today I’m getting the “Filled shape is open error” which happens when you click print and it verifies your file. I reviewed all shapes, it’s all closed unless I’m missing something. And it’s frustrating because I haven’t changed my process that I’ve used 100x so far.

Can anyone find an issue with my file or might this be a bug?2-5-01

Thanks in advance!

They recently beefed up the notifications to let folks know a little bit more specifically what was wrong with their files. So you likely have an open shape in there somewhere. Possibly in the text…some of that stuff is a little rough.

That probably won’t affect how it processes if you’ve been using the same file all along. Go ahead and process it to see what happens.

Thanks - what do you mean by process it? I’ve tried exporting and printing many times, getting the same error.

If I’m using Illustrator to convert text to outlines, I don’t understand how an open shape would occur.

Am I missing the file? Or were you wanting to private message it to someone? If you want, you can message it to me. Zipped would be best.

Sorry thought I had (8.1 KB)
ed it - here it is.

I think that the error message may be misleading in this case, though there is an issue with the file.

There are two very, very small closed paths on top of one another that have a width/height indicated of .0001".

Once those are removed, the file engraves fine.

Here is a screenshot showing where they are in the document as well as where they are in the layer hierarchy (the little blue selected dot on both the artboard and the layer menu)

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I just tried to run it, and it looks like the error has to be fixed now.

Yeah, stops it in its tracks.

I thought that it might be the overlapping shapes, but I just put together a test file with two overlapping squares and it processed okay.

Haven’t done a test file for the size of the items (.0001”), but that could have ticked it off.

Either way, looks like a misleading error message. An error was present, but the message sent you down the wrong path.

Well, i need to go in and take a closer look at it just for education’s sake (mine)…had the siding guy interrupt. Nice catch! :wink:

(Don’t think the paths are closed though, they’re open with a fill color. If you convert that to a stroke and no fill, they look exactly the same…they’re just too small to show anything other than a triangle shape when stroked. Technically the error message might be correct.)


@jbanning 5 - Thanks for finding that. It’s so small I couldn’t see it. Did you just look in Layers to locate so I know for future reference?

This doesn’t really address the original problem, but after dealing with a few issues of the Glowforge having trouble rendering correctly, I adopted a new workflow: I always rasterize anything that’s going to be engraved before exporting. While cuts and scores need to be vectors, anything you engrave ends up being converted to a raster either by you or by the Glowforge Cloud. By rasterizing it inside of Illustrator, I can control the process and just hand the Glowforge the bits to engrave. I’m on a Chromebook right now or I’d screenshot it. Off the top of my head, I think the important settings are 600dpi and transparent background.


I think I just selected all and looked for a selection mark that was out of place.

They don’t show up as open under the document info or using the select open paths plugin. It could be whatever resolution the interface places points though - if in the rendering process it decreased the placement resolution down from say 4 decimal point to 3 decimal points, it could have all of the points on top of one another, which creates a path that I would think technically couldn’t be closed because they are on top of one another.

One has to be careful with this, I think. She has different colored elements, red and black. If you set it up as vari-power, to simulate vector engraving (always on), you’ll have different power levels used.

If you had it on dithering, you’d have different dot patterns for the black vs the red.

As a vector, each color will be a separate operation that has a singular power associated with it.

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Yeah, i tried that one too. It was too small for any of those to select, but it’s not a Stray Points either, so it’s not a single.

Like i said…good catch. That had to be done the old fashioned way. :smile:

Indeed. I wasn’t looking at the artwork when I made that comment, but they would have to be rasterized in black in order to prevent dithering patterns or inconsistent power. So it’s a different workflow. I guess I’m used to mine at this point.


I was also able to resolve this error by removing those extra nodes. @heather - can you let us know if you are still having trouble?

Yes colors denote different engrave settings so need to keep as colors. Anyway, once I deleted those little specs the file worked. I made sure they are not in my template. Thanks all for the help!

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Nope the file worked great after removing the nodes. Thanks!

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!