Fillets in Inkscape



I know this is weird coming from me but my first instructional video is not Fusion 360 based!

I am trying to get in and really learn Inkscape and I could not find a thing on fillets so I figured it out and made my own. It is only three minutes, I’m going to try to continue to keep them short. I wish the ones I find would be short. You know, get in, get out, no one gets hurt.

As always, feedback is welcome.


ROFL! :sunglasses::+1:
(Matrixed! Thanks for the addition to the arsenal!)


you know, I often don’t like my stuff, common around here, but I have to say I love the get in, get out, part of this and am going to try to keep future vids under 10 min.


Much appreciated by those of us with limited time. :wink:


Just a minor pointézier_curve


Lots of good information there, what particular part were you trying to point out? The extended character spelling or something else?


Thank you for taking the time to make this learning video.


You spelled it “bazier”.


So, love the short format and no voiceover. Very good.

Crosslinking to other discussion with an alternate method which allows for high precision:

Also of note: the current Inkscape 1.0 alpha version supposedly supports fillets, I’ve yet to try it. Hopefully it’s good and we’ll have a fast easy solution.


#@#$@# I thought I had caught all the times I had done this and fixed them. Next time I’ll copy/paste everything from somewhere with spell check as the callouts don’t have anything let alone the advanced check I normally use.

knowing more than one way to do something is always good, thanx


I appreciate the feedback, keep it coming, it will make future videos better.

I could have sworn I saw something else here but maybe I was hallucinating?

Anyway, let me add that I should have noted that shapes (rectangles and polygons) will let you round, it is shapes that you have drawn yourself where this is needed.


Thank you so much! That is a great tip! Now I don’t have to go to F360 every time I just need a fillet!


Your efforts are so appreciated. Even though I don’t use Inkscape … it’s appreciated for others.

As far as typos and spelling … sometimes walking away and coming back in with a fresh eye is all you need. My last boss would have me read any publication or web update as a double check. Just a fresh eye can help.