Filling the cooling

ok question is there a fluid to check, fill, or change for the glow, mine just says cooling down forever and wont cut, its a file i have used many times?? tks

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No fluid that is replaceable. What’s the temp where you are - and if you’re venting outside - what’s the temp outside?
If it’s under 80º and you have a Pro, or under 75º and you have either of the others then heat may not be the issue - but if it’s close it’s likely that it really is too hot. If it’s way under those temps then you should look to verify that none of the cables/wires have come disconnected, or that anything is blocking any of the air intakes. The one most likely to get blocked unnoticed is under the front right hand side.

Fingers crossed it’s something easy.

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thank you will check all it is hot here today

@deirdrebeth has it right! that Glowforge doesn’t like warm, and esp humid weather
is the room air conditioned? do you have a dehumidifier you can put in there?

I see you reached out about this during chat yesterday and we are working with you through email now, so I’m going to close this topic.