Filter Alternative?

Is there an update on the filtration alternative that was supposed to be available in October? At this point, my library system is so disillusioned by Glowforge that they’re going with Dremel, but we already have a Glowforge and it would be nice to actually let our patrons use it in our makerspace until the super duper, fancy filtration is shipped (maybe) sometime next year.

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I thought the current Dremel solution was an external, 3rd party filter? The same one you could use on the ":glowforge: I believe?


You could even put a "Y"in the hose and do both :slight_smile:

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they don’t seem to have any info about it on the dremel site, but it looks to be a BOFA AD-350, and they cost around $2,000. According to BOFA, it is good for light-duty marking. When I used their web app to find a filter for “deep engraving and cutting” I was shown higher-tier options, not this one.


We are working on providing an alternative product for those of you who would rather not wait for your Glowforge Air Filter. The alternate filter will cost no more than the Glowforge filter, and we’ll have more information available in November. You can read about it here: Air Filter Update (September 2018).