Filter concerns

Hello, my filter is full and needs to be replaced. I see it is $209 and they are sold out. Is there a way to clean the current filter or is it mandatory to replace with a new one? Can I continue to use if I place my hose outside until the filters are back in stock?
thank you for your assistance

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You can run it outside.

It is not designed to be cleaned, but if I had one, I’d be inclined to try cleaning it. One of the YouTube channels I watch showed how he cleans one and has never replaced it. I’ll see if I can find it.

edit - here we go. Wow. Don’t remember what I had for breakfast but guessed which channel I had seen this on first-time! :smiley:

Nothing to loose by trying.

I will say, I don’t think the carbon will be effective, I don’t think you can “wash” particles out that it has absorbed. I could be wrong, however, and (again) nothing to lose by trying.

I’d also probably try separating the main filter from the lower carbon part.

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This feels more like a “Beyond the Manual” topic… I doubt :glowforge: would support such a recommendation?

I do this all the time with my Roomba filters. They’re never white again, but they are much cleaner.

I just took an in depth look at the filter and it is sealed up extremely well. I guess I will place the hose out the window until I can re-order. I am disappointed that with the cost of the machine and the filtration system, it is an additional $200 to replace filters. I have only used the machine for about 4 months and I honestly do not feel like it has had extreme use. Thanks for sharing the link though, and our brains only have so much room. I can’t remember where I left the keys, but can sing every cereal commercial from 1980 :wink:


As the first bit is a pre-filter (ithink) I have tried running a vacuum cleaner over my Bludri. It might not get everything, but It might get enough to keep working some

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4 months sounds pretty good, from what I’ve seen reported here. Filtration is one of those things that just is what it is – pure physics. You can’t make a filter that doesn’t clog; it’s the whole point of what it does. Best you can do is avoid stuff that burns “dirtier.” If you have the option of venting out the window, it’s a far better way to go, from a cost perspective.


@angel We are sold out of the Air Filter cartridge. But we do have the Compact Filter cartridge in stock. This cartridge is compatible with your Air Filter and can be easily installed using the directions in the Air Filter manual.

One thing to note, the original cartridge included with your Air Filter lasts up to 20% longer than the Compact Filter cartridge.