Filter delay prompting venting changes

Since the filters are a ways out, I decided to get a more permanent install completed.

I have posted the major materials at

Continuing the discussion from Cleaning Addendum:

So after making a Home Depot run to get some semi-rigid 4 in vent pipe, 4 inch vent wall pass through, 5 inch insulate flex ducting, adjustable variable angle vent pipe, bad flow prevent and 50 foot extension cord, I brought the project back to the front burner.

More so because I got tired of running the 25’ 4 inch vent flex and booster out the side door, dealing with a quasi escaping 20 year old indoor cat, the breeze or whole house fan bringing the fumes back in and knowing any project I wanted to work on would take 15 minutes of setup and 10 minutes of tear down.

So I grabbed the Hon&Guan 6 Inch Inline Duct Fan Exhaust Fan Mixed Flow Inline Fan (Ordered 3 weeks ago) to rewire the 50 foot extension into:

Old short original wire connections

Wired to the extension cord

Followed the wiring diagram

Then sealed it backup, dragged it up into the attic and attached it high to avoid vibration noise

The power cord goes down next to the ducting (hidden by the ducting) to the variable speed control next to Kòptis :glowforge:

Now on to the ducting

Get the wall pass-through, I strategically positioned it to connect the 4 inch semi-rigid slid into the insulated 5 inch flex duct (to minimize the air noise and vibration). The semi-rigid is to create less air resistance and provide strength to the 5 inch flex duct (which also helps to contain any leaks that might come from the semi-rigid). Lots of aluminum HVAC duct tape (man that stuff sticks well)!!!


Will connect the exhaust line, back flow preventer and connection to the roof vent in the next day or so. For now, the number of eave vents and roof vents are creating a solid air movement.

Almost forgot, while about halfway through the project @classicsmiley came by to run some test pieces for a project he is working on, so I conscripted him into helping finish the install project (not sure if he committed due to needing the test run done that day or scoring brownie points for more access to Kòptis :glowforge: :thinking: ).

Once we got the connections completed, he had emailed me the test file and we ran it on some Home Depot 1/8" Basswood Craft board (sacrilege I know, but I think there is PG :proofgrade: in his future).

Thanks @classicsmiley !!!

Now on to my own projects…


I got what you need and you got what I need.

What an install, wow!

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