Filter out designs that can be used on Aura?

I am trying to search for designs that can be made on the Aura. Is this possible as I get a whole batch of designs that cannot be made on the Aura?

Thank you!

Click on search, type in Aura, then select designs.

There are only 4…

It’s likely many more designs can be printed on the Aura, but as they would have been posted prior to it being announced/available, they won’t have that listed.


For now it might help to search by Aura materials like eco thin acrylic, eco iron on, light medium plywoods, etc


Thank you!

I’ve added this suggestion to our Hopper of ideas and sent this along to our Product team, so thank you! :rabbit2:


I’m new here as well (only opened my Glowforge Aura two days ago)- Just wanted to say that I was able to make the Hey Boo Halloween Round on the Aura with no issues. I did have to separate out the images first though (I cut/scored the background and ignored the rest) then cut the letters/larger ghost (and ignored the images already cut/scored) on a separate piece of wood. Thankfully I was able to figure that out with no assistance. I’m hoping to be able to figure it out for other designs as well as I am in no way shape or form a graphics designer. I know absolutely nothing about graphics software or how to use it.


My Playing Koi Lamp can be cut on the Aura, but it needs the entire 12x20 sheet plus a 5x5 piece to cut everything, However, with the passthrough, the 12x20 sheet can be cut in 3 parts and another scrap is needed for the 5x5. The three pairs can be cut one at a time or the piece can be designed a bit shorter as the four sides as one cut and the rest on another sheet as it is the four side pieces are 13.25" long or two sides and the tops are 12.1" so it cannot be currently done as 4 sides at once on the Aura. The designs without feet will fit as two parts however. If someone with the catalog wants me to make modifications on some decent sellers I can do that. Unfortunately the playing koi lamp has not been a great seller.


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