Filter Shipping Status

I have looked at my account, and no where can I can the filter I listed nor a date when it is supposed to ship. I can remember being notified as other that it had been pushed back but now I can not find it. Any Idea where I could look or where I am overlooking. Or was it removed inadvertently.?

Go to and click on your name in the upper right.

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I’m looking forward to September 30th. Should be pretty exciting!

Mine moved out to 2/28/2019.

But my Crossfire CNC Plasma Cutter is scheduled for the 1st of Oct so I’ll have something new to play with :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m wondering who the mystery filter maker is they’re doing a deal with. May be a less elegant but serviceable solution for folks who need it now. My use isn’t critical since I’m venting now but I can see schools, libraries, etc being unable to vent through the wall.

Check again – I thought I saw something about a bug.

Oh, well. Thought it might be worth a try!

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@mike20, thanks for asking! You should be able to find your expected delivery date by visiting If you run into any trouble, please email