Final boxes


My box making project has finally come to and end. After many many hours of cutting, engraving and assembling boxes they are finally done and delivered. Here are some photos of the finished boxes just before packing them up for delivery.

Overall they turned out fantastic, the photos don’t really do them justice. There where a few little issues with the front engraves that i need to look into. Some of the fine text turned out light and hard to read on a few of them. I still need to run some test to see if it was just caused on build up and the lens or something else.

But i really can’t complain since it handled this huge job on such a short timeline. At least it has this week to rest since i’m on vacation and wont be able to run anything till next week.

But starting next week a whole new chapter will begin for me. Any of you that have worked in the advertising field will know how quickly jobs can come and go. I found out near the end of this project that my position would be, at least temperately, eliminated.

The good news this give me some time to work on my side business, that i was planning on starting anyways, while i find a new job or they line up some new clients.

Stay tuned for some new posts next week as I start testing out some new product ideas and projects.


Well, that turned out to be really Providential timing, didn’t it? I’m glad you had this to step into.

And they look fantastic! :sunglasses:


sorry to hear about the job, but this is really a triumph, both in design and execution. well done, man. i think you’ve definitely got the foundation to launch something successful on your own.


Spelled “International” wrong on the front. Joking.


That is impressive! Wow.


@ianauch I missed the part about customizing EACH individual box. Nothing like adding to an already challenging project. Great finished products!

@rpegg You are nasty. :smile:


Amazing! I love seeing production products being done on a basic unit!


Wow! Very inspirational!!


They look fantastic! Glad they’re done and you get to take a bit of break on vacation. And good luck with the new business venture!


That is an amazing amount of work, nice job.
I don’t think you will have any trouble finding a new gig with those as a resume!


It reminds of a time when I was running 3D printers 24/7. It is amazing how we become slaves to our machines.


Nice one, you got me for a second there. :smile:


I’m totally amazed!


What an incredible output of cool, customized boxes! An what an incredible workhorse the Basic Glowforge is. Your application is one I would have thought appropriate for the Pro so the fact that you did it on a Basic is quite something. I love the engravings.

So sorry about the job situation. You can now list Laser Expert on your CV at least!


So… whats inside?


Wow…great project…thats alot of boxes…lol

Yes…inquiring minds want to know…


Pretty sure he said it was going to be chocolate bars.


Yeah, perfect shape for chocolate. :wink:


@cynd11 is correct. They will be filled wit 3 chocolate bars in custom printed wrappers and a letterpress card on top.


I didn’t see my company name on any one of those…
:sob: lol
I need chocolate…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: