Finally getting back to making boxes

I think I’ve spent too much time worrying about messing up a nice piece of wood. And I did, this time. Which is ok. I have stacks of wood now. Just need to start making.

Anyway, here’s this weekend’s box. It’s wenge and curly maple. Still haven’t put a finish on it. Testing a couple of things on failed parts to decide what I want.


So nice. Just love the curves. Special purpose in mind for it?


thanks. and nope.just wanted to do something a little different than i did before. no plans for what to do with it.


Wenge fights back. Good result, it can be a jerk to cut.


thanks. i had good luck cutting it. and i measured kerf in a test, but i broke a few fingers putting the first piece together. this is some of that big wenge board that i had cut down a year ago and planed at that planing mill. the boards are slightly uneven, and i think that’s what caused it. so i think i need to over correct a tiny bit with the rest of it and just accept that i will probably have to glue.


Oh that’s very appealing. Great texture, contrast, and curves. What’s the material thickness? Looks like 1/8”.

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Love those curves! The difference in wood is also a nice feature.

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^^ This :roll_eyes: I hoard material and covet the nice pieces so much so that I never use them. I look at them and think about what they could be, but then scrounge around for a lesser material when it comes to actual making because I’ll mourn losing the good stuff lol. Luckily for you using the good stuff worked out perfectly and it’s beautiful. I normally don’t like tab boxes becasue I find the seams too busy, but the dark edges work really nicely the pattern is a nice part of the design. Well done.


It’s gorgeous, and the inside looks as nice as the outside!


That’s a really nice design. I love the curvy edges.


thanks, everyone.

well… the final result looks that way. the broken piece doesn’t. and the half that i put one panel in backwards on doesn’t. sigh. but… hey… i like the final piece. and i need to get over the messed up pieces. making those mistakes helps me learn (and teaches me to focus a little more, too).


Yes! Thank you! Maybe this will encourage the rest of us to use the wood we keep “protecting”. I love the wavy shape, and the use of both woods.

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Love this piece - like the round curves together with the square finger joints. And yes, like you I hate to waste wood and feel bad for days…


do it! if i see others doing it, too, it will make me feel better about “burning” up my piles of exotics.

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Love this. My goal is to make a 2 piece box like this one day.

the “two piece” part is mostly easy. there are two ways to go about it.

one is to use a box maker like and use the two-piece box settings. that makes a “sleeve” style two piece box.

Here’s an example of that style.

the box I made here is actually three partial boxes. the first two are the same box (although in this case I altered the flat edges to be opposite/match up curves). the third box is one that has exterior dimensions being ever so slightly (like a couple hundredths of an inch, IIRC) smaller than the interior dimensions of the second box. you can adjust height to be slightly taller if you want, but by default if it’s the same height as the original box, it will stick out the thickness of the bottom panel. and then you slide the smaller box into the bottom piece of the larger box and it creates a lip so slide the top box over.

i guess the third way (and i’ve done this before, too) is to create the two equal boxes, then create four flat panels that will fit inside the box to be the sides that stick up so the top will sleeve on. that leaves the bottom panel the same as the outside box.

hopefully that makes sense (since i did it fairly stream of consciousness).

the main point i’m making is it’s not difficult to do the basic two piece box. the harder part is editing to make matching edited edges (and moreso with the extra trim piece in there). but even then, it’s totally doable.


Thanks so much. I’ll read this a couple of more times when my brain is working better.

Lovely piece for sure. I think the waves would lend their curves well to rounded edges(sanded). Boxes with funky design elements are definitely on my agenda.

one of my mistakes was being slightly off on the length of those additional wave lines glued to the top half. and i ended up sanding after gluing with little sanding sticks. total PITA.

i really did think about rounding edges, but are a couple of places my fingers may have cracked a little and feel tenuous to me, so i’m afraid to round those.

next box. i bought a set of these last month to test out for rounding box edges.


I really like how that came out.

For some odd reason that box is screaming for Wiggle Eyes, though. Your mileage may vary.