Finally, My Scroll Bowl is Finished! Or, A Labor of Love


Some of you may recall my original, laughable attempt, and the follow up…

Well, folks, I finally completed it. Here is the final version (well, still gluing a few layers, but this is it assembled, anyway):

8th Wedding Anniversary gift, so I made it in an octagon shape, 8 inches wide, and with 8 layers. And painted in Bronze highlights, since that is the traditional 8th Anniversary gift. I wanted to inlay real bronze, but that was just waaaaay too much work, lol. And it uses the tree’s Heartwood…awwww…

Hope she likes it…

Now, you might be wondering why I entitled this “Or, A Labor of Love”…

Well, here are the details behind the build…

I didn’t want to use just any wood, so I chose a plank from a local tree that had been knocked down in a storm, where I had salvaged the wood myself with a chainsaw, hauled it home, and sliced into planks.

From pieces like this, I chose a plank…probably a diff one than this, but you get the idea…

Was all too wet when I had re-sawed it, so they all had warped…onto the planer it went!


After one side:

After the second side, nice and flat:

Smooooth as glass…

Resawing into thinner planks;

Uugggh, wish I had known how hard heartwood is to cut through! Had to plane them even thinner later…and then glue two layers together.

Btw, this is what a cross section side view of score marks looks like:

Ha, Bronze!!! DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!!! The most silver bronze paint I’ve ever seen!! Had to repaint all with a different can later…

Switched paints; this is much better!

Reverse imaged the engraving onto acrylic…ready to paint. Btw, I had messed up the first time, and transposed 8th & Anniversary! Lol, not the first one to do it, and won’t be the last, either…

Finally ready to glue: Have to tightly and perfectly clamp each set; thin wood warps! And the glue is very slippery

Final Product:

Btw, I could have made it in this style, but I like the one I chose better; how about you guys?

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

The one that makes both you and her happy is the best one. Happy 8th Anniversary.

(and I think you choose wisely, it looks great)


Reminder…link to highlights.

(Awesome story too…just had time to get back and read it.)


Awesome job. Loving the octagons.

Someone else on the forums was telling me about dense wood and lasers take more work the other day. Makes me happy for a pro


Definitely a labor of love!!! Beautiful!
Both are absolutely wonderful!


Ooooo, a lot of symbolism there. It’s wonderful, and I’m sure she will appreciate your thoughtfulness!


Glueing tip:
Keep a salt cellar nearby to sprinkle lightly onto the glue before clamping the two pieces together. The salt crystals stop the pieces slipping around. I do this on all my wood projects. Works a treat.


Glad I read the comments before posting, I was going to share the same tip. REALLY helps with preventing the pieces from sliding around when glueing.


Oh wow, thanks!!


Great post…
Very cool project man, happy anniversary! I agree with your style choice.
Nicely equipped shop too!


Looks great, nice job! Also, nice shop equipment!
Happy Anniversary!