Finally organized my workspace

Finally used some time this last weekend to organize my workspace. To be fair, I let it get pretty bad to the point where I was forced into organizing it :smile:

I picked up the flat files and tabletop from a mining company for free months back (before I had the :glowforge: actually), and it’s been great not only for storage, but for working on projects too. I recently added the Elegoo Mars, which is an amazing little printer btw.

Got all my hardwoods nicely organized:

Space for BB and some acrylic:

Oh and not new, but I made a simple window insert to vent the GF out the window with a Vivosun fan. I also added a Y to the ductwork with 2 blast gates and I’ll use it to pull air from right behind the 3D printer area when I’m actively working with the resin.

Sidenote to @PrintToLaser Yes, that is the project on the computer that I bought some proofgrade Basswood Plywood from you for a while back. With everything going on in the world and me playing with the 3D printer, I’ve been slow to actually do the project! Almost done now though, and I’ll post it once complete!


Wish my shop was that neat. I envy your storage space. :grinning:


Envious of those flat files–esp. as you were lucky enough to get them free!
(though I keep learning I’m a visual person–out of sight tends to mean out of mind…).

Enjoy the space & have fun creating!


You should have seen it before…seriously…The whole table was pretty much covered, and there’s a ping pong table out of shot to the right-the entire thing was covered in hardwoods. I laid them on the ping pong table with spacers to acclimate, but never put them away :smirk:

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That’s so neat that I have to ask, do you even glowforge?


Wow, that was a score! What a great work space.

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ooo nice and fancy, but where is the millennium falcon? Would be cool to make some magnets out of the material in the drawers and have them stuck to the front so you can know what is inside at a glance, and magnets are awesome.

haha, yes I do glowforge:) Hence why it was so messy before this past weekend!

So the millenium falcon is one part of a 2 part wedding guest book I’m making for friends. I meant to start it weeks ago and was 1 piece of basswood ply short and the store was out of stock. @PrintToLaser was nice enough to supply me with the missing piece and I promised I would post the project to the forum once done. A week or so after that I got the elegoo mars, so i’ve been playing with that a ton, and then the world went crazy, and now I have time to work on it! Unfortunately, we don’t know if the date of the wedding is going to change so I’m holding off on final assembly so I can swap out the pieces with the date if necessary. Once I finish cutting the last pieces in the next week or so, I’ll probably post it on the forum anyways.

Re: labels on the front-there are slots for cardstock so I’ll probably go the easy route and just use paper for now…but magnets would be cooler :thinking:


I’m sorry, but I hate you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Not really.)


I saw the reflection of myself in the monitor turn green at that storage.


The storage is really nice to have :smile:

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I have gone into the work area to do something and realized it needed some sorting.
A few hours later, I am leaving, feeling like I did something, until the wife asks me if I found those screws I went to get.

I am NOT showing your work area to the wife, just saying…


Flat files are the best storage. I have one unit like yours, I’m jealous of your four.

What I’m most jealous of is the sheer amount of space you have. I need a bigger workshop.


Oh man, I’m so drooling at those flat files.


@brokendrum I really wish I would have taken a before picture-when I say it got so bad I was forced into cleaning it up, I mean it got so bad my wife forced me to clean it up :rofl:

@evansd2 yeah, our basement is unfinished although the last owner installed carpet in about half of it. It’s a nice big space and definitely taken over a good part of it for hobbies. Still keep all the saws, router, dusty stuff, etc. in the garage, but for the ‘cleaner’ tools it’s been really nice to have.

The flat files are great-I have 1 smaller 5-drawer that I picked up for ~$50 back when I was in college, but these big ones with the tabletop are amazing. I’m a landscape architect/environmental restoration planner so I had originally picked them for work but wound up using them mostly for hobbies. There are still a few drawers in there with work stuff though :smile:


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Nice! You would throw up if you ever saw my workspace. :sob:


Super jealous of those storage drawers! Some day…

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What a find! Flat files are the best! Your space is amazing!
I have materials on the 2nd floor, glues, clamps, dyes, stains, etc. on 1st floor, and Glowforge in the basement. Would love to have a spot big enough for everything on one floor.


Wowie zowie!

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