Finally! (Redux....apparently this title has already been used.)

Finally! A storage solution that works and holds a ton of materials! Thanks to @karaelena for suggesting it somewhere…I’ve been seriously jonesing after seeing Yves’ setup earlier this year…

The Alex unit from Ikea in the charcoal gray. The Proofgrade sheets fit in it without being cut down, and I can stack 24" material on top. (It’s just a hair shy of being able to hold 24" material in the drawers, which is too bad, but it’s under $150 which makes it easier to buy than to build.)


Wish I had room to fit a couple of them under the table, but this is a vast improvement over having it stacked up in the corner.

(Oh, and the charcoal gray color is da bomb with the surface of the Glowie!)


Love these cabinets!

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I wonder if IKEA have noticed an inexplicable national hike in their sales of the Alex units ?


I need a storage solution for all my storage solutions! It doesn’t help my shopping habits that there’s an IKEA right down the street and a Container Store a few miles away.


Ours is about an hour away, which is good from a standpoint of spending too much money, but a PITA when you need a unit to store your stuff. Hubs surprised me by picking one up a couple of days ago when he was on that side of town. (i might have dropped a hint or two…like printing out the specs on it and dropping it on his desk with a big note that said Anniversary.) :smile:


Which anniversary is “plastic drawer unit from Ikea”? Asking for a friend…


I think plastic is first, isn’t it? (We made it past that one.) Ikea? Might be a “Hey are you still here kind of thing?” ROFL!

Or it might be a “This wife has weird hobbies” situation. :smile:


Hmmmmm…the two year mark?

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I finally did something about that this weekend. But I’m cheaper (more fugal? :smile: ) than you. I went with 3 of these:

I’ve got them on a table so I have 7 “shelves” when you count the tabletop under the bottom one. They pin together with dowels if you stack them (I did). They’re just shy of 12" but hold PG fine. At 31" long they hold a full sheet of the large size items as well as a stack of the smaller pieces of hardwood, etc. I like the open version better than drawers because I can see what’s on each shelf (although I am trying to segregate them by material - all thick Draftboard on one, medium on the next down, 3 shelves of med ply, then the acrylic, etc.). I think I need another unit though because I just got 4 boxes of PG in (10 sheets of everything :smile: ) and I’m already doubling up on shelves - both med & thick on the same one. $14/unit is hard to beat.


If I could have gotten those to fit under the table, that would have been a pretty good choice too. I’ve got the table crammed into the space between the desk and the door though (as a matter of fact, we had to remove one of the French doors to the office in order to fit that in there as it was) so no-go for me.

Definitely approve the cost savings though. (Well shoot, it would have fit, I just measured it.) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Although I can say it was $ savings that were primary I have to admit that it was the Lowes being 15 minutes away vs 60 minutes for Ikea and the pre-made open design vs the Ikea alternative in the open space required assembling different shelves and leg combos from other standard Ikea components. The hour each way did have a lot to do with it. :slight_smile: And yeah, spending $120 for some shelves did seem a bit over the top. (Says the guy who just put many many hundreds of dollars of PG on his pretty little cheap shoe rack shelves :smile: )

PG is an addiction. It should have a warning label.


I got myself that alex last week to store my vinyl and cardstock material. I’ll probably end up storing laser material in it too.


Add me to the club, I bought an Alex last weekend for this too!

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i’ve already spent to much at IKEA, but now I’m feeling left out and want an Alex too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thank goodness my closest IKEA is a couple hours away :rofl:

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Just more reason to have it delivered. :smile:

Did they finally change their shipping? Last time I looked (which I’ll admit was years ago) everything apparently shipped from Sweden and tripled (or worse) the price of the product. It was so traumatic that I’ve been scared to even look at shipping sense :grinning:

Huh. Looks like it.

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That’s good to know. Several years ago we were looking to by a loft bed for my youngest son’s room. We knew we had seen them at IKEA so we got on their website. The bed was two or three hundred, don’t really remember now, but the shipping was over $1200 - that part I remember :slight_smile: In the end I think I need to forget this conversation ever happened, or my checking account may never forgive me :rofl: I’m worried enough about the new store they are supposed to be building soon on the north side of San Antonio, an area I go to frequently. That could be tragic!

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I bought the Alex desk and two different size Alex storage cabinets a few months ago specifically for the :glowforge:. I was in IKEA today and seriously thought about buying another one. I guess you could say I’m happy with them. :wink:

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Save it for the GF PG store :grinning: