Finding Kerf for your Material

I found this on
Put in your Material Thickness, the number where you want to start testing the Kerf thickness. Generate the test.


Kool, they have formalized what I dubbed “the kerfnator” and many/most? of us have been doing for quite some time. I’ll bookmark this and try to remember to try it.

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I understand kerf and I can’t figure out what that site is doing. Clear as mud.

I just use this simple kerf measurement jig, then build that into my designs where needed.


Try Putting in a Kerf Value like 0.005 and hit the Generate button. I think that will help if you see a visual. About the only things you need to change are Kerf if none of them fit together or the Thickness of your material. It will print 4 pieces (you can change that) 2 matching sets that you can try and join together to see what fits best. hope this helps.


I’m beta testing the new version of Box-o-matic, and it now includes a much more compact kerf tester. I’ve included a sample svg below. The small “key” gets cut out of the center, and you check which of the sides gives you the fit you want.
Kerf-o-meter 2


Neat idea. :blush: