Fine Art Wood Sculpture, Wood Electrification (Lichtenberg fractal figure)



Using electricity on wood to create fractal like burns in wood. First time I had seen anything like it…


yeah these are great eh? too bad generating proper ones in acrylic takes a particle accelerator because those are unbelievable.


This is pretty cool stuff. If you search around on the forums, you’ll find other examples, too. I know I saw one or two other posts about this concept several months ago.


Those are petty awesome. We held a class on those a few months ago and someone is building an enclosure for one to be used at the makerspace (I think he pulled his hardware from a microwave, though neon sign power supplies also work well)


And here’s the relevant results from the search:


Yeah it’s really cool, isn’t it? I saw that method some time ago. But I don’t recall seeing exactly this… this is far more polished than I’d seen before.


Yeah. This just looks so very cool. Great application