Finishing off.. seal- varnish or both?

Sorry…final newbie question. I made a seed box and engraved it (would attach a pic but dont know how)…but how do peoe finish theirs off…ive read it needs to be sealed but to oreserve and protect it does it need varnish too, or if i varnished it would it seal it too?
Dont want to stain it as love the natural wood colour.
Thanks in advance for any guidance

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There are dozens (hundreds?) of different ways to finish, so you’re going to get suggestions, and you’ll want to try a few and decide what you like.

Me personally I use tung oil. Get the 100% stuff, then mix it 50/50 with mineral spirits, paint it on, leave it for a bit, and rub off the extra - you’ll have the most beautiful matte coating that’s also waterproof. If you want it shiny, you can do additional coats, and even sand in between with really high (2000) grit sandpaper.

This is just 1 layer of tung oil on mahogany:

BTW, you upload pictures by either dragging/dropping them, or clicking on the icon that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of the top.


Wow thanks for the pic as that looks stunning and waterproof sounds perfect as that’s what I’m after. Thanks for the tip on the pictures too - this is what I created and want to finish off.


Is this the kind of seed box that holds plant seeds, or the kind of seed box that holds a tiny computer for torrenting? Is it going to be used indoors or out?

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Its for plant seeds so want it to be watwrproof or mire durable

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