Finishing up a few projects

I don’t get a lot of time to design things and work with the Glowforge, so I’m still in my testing out different materials and setting phase.

This one is a late Christmas gift for my Uncle. He and I share a love of Modernist and Contemporary architecture, so this is Wright up his alley.

I found the design on Thingiverse, but had to modify it a bit. I had to use a box generator to get the size I wanted and then to create the base. Then imported the cutout design onto that design. Wasn’t hard, but it took some learning of Inkscape to get to right.

The cut sides are Proofgrade Medium Maple Hardwood, the base is Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood, and insets are Proofgrade Medium Frosted Clear Acrylic. I just used the Proofgrade settings, and they worked out perfectly. No reason for the difference in base versus sides other than the Med Maple Hardwood only comes in 6x12 sheets, and it would have taken too many pieces to be cost effective.

The bulb and wiring is from an old led Ikea lamp I had that had a glass surround that broke.

There was a slight issue with the fitment of the frosted pieces. Since I used two different sheets. I didn’t realize they were different thicknesses. I used the same settings for both and they didn’t fit 100%. Solved it with some Gorilla glue for wood/plastic.

This is one I did as a test for the Ikea bamboo cutting boards. It’s an Aptitlig 9.5x6, .5in thick.

My brother is a Star Wars fan, so I got this image off of Google to test both the material and the machine’s ability to get the small details.
Since it’s not a Proofgrade material I went for the Gold with the settings.

Speed 1000, Power 100, Greyscale: Vary Power, Lines Per Inch: 225, Passes:1

Before cleaning:

IMG_0098 IMG_0099
After cleaning:


Gosh, you have indeed been busy! The lamp is lovely—a really nice accent for a room. And the cutting board came out perfectly.

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I love the FLW light. That came out great!!!

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Yeah, I’m fond of the Frank too! Lamp looks great! :sunglasses:

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Really cool lamp I’ve been looking to do something Frank Lloyd Wright inspired myself.

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Pretty lamp!

You have got to be Soleri of throwing puns around here …


People at work don’t appreciate my puns, so I have to Venturi them somewhere.


The lamp is gorgeous!

What did you use to clean the cutting board?

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I used soap and water, and scrubbed with a medium bristle brush. Once it dried I oiled it with the Ikea cutting board oil. After pictures are before I oiled it.

Now I have to get back on my lamp project, dang you.

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The light is stunning! Great work! Amazing what a cleaning will do! Nice to see your comparison photos.

Both lamp and cutting board are great.