Fire! Help! Purchase New Laser Head

Does anyone know how to get ahold of Glowforge by phone? I had a fire that melted part of the laser head fan, I want to just purchase the whole cartridge and ribbon again. I have orders to get out and need this overnighted.

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I need to purchase the whole new laser head, belt, and fan immediately. Please see my email that I have sent to support as my phone numbers are included on there.

I’m sorry, but you might want to contact your customers and tell them that you will not be able to fill their orders immediately.

A fire in the machine that damages the head will require shipping back for repair. The whole machine. The heads are calibrated to the individual machines and are not user replaceable.

You might want to post some pictures of the damage so that support can determine how bad the damage is. If the head wasn’t damaged, they might be able to just let you replace the carriage plate.
But it’s still going to take some time for them to get that for you right now.

(Okay, never mind…I see you emailed them already so they’ll get in touch with you when they’re ready for more information.)


Can you send photos of the damage? Is the damage to the carriage plate that the black leaser head attaches to or is there damage on the actual head itself?

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Yeah, that’s gonna need a new carriage plate assembly and belt. Can’t really tell on the head, but you might have lucked out on that one. You would need to remove the lens, check it, and take a photo of the inside looking down into the head after removing the lid and the mirror.

Instructions for doing that are here…

Wiping Mirror in the Printer Head

You might not have to ship in the whole machine for just the carriage plate assembly, so let support take a look at it and see. Hope you get lucky on it.

(Just out of curiosity, what material was it that caught?)

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I’m super impressed! I’ve already been contacted by Glowforge! I was terrified that it would be weeks before someone actually made contact with me. I’m hoping and praying for good news and not having to send in the whole machine.

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Thank you for providing detailed photos and information so that we could look into this for you. Since we were able to connect via email earlier and sort out the details for getting replacement parts to you, I’m going to close this thread.

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