Fire is Bad

Every year I do a Google search on ‘Lathe Accidents’ before I use my lathe for the next year. There are some beyond gruesome accident photos, usually involving catching loose clothing in the fast rotating chuck. The photos are sobering and increase the probability of me not going ‘brain dead’ for even a few seconds when using one.


No worries. I’m tracking this thread.

Another tool that gets people is a sander/grinder like we all have.

And I learned my tablesaw lesson the hard way too. After being super cautious forever, one more cut got me. Pro top: Don’t trim your fingernail with a table saw, especially with a dado blade attached.


There is a lot there that would not be covered under Warranty but I would guess that it might be repaired cheaper than the price of a new one. Looking at it , it looks much better off than this one.

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I don’t know about Dan, but there are any number of folks here (myself included) who would be happy to give you a referral!

So sorry this happened to you. If it’s any comfort, looking at the burned out chassis tells me it did just what it was supposed to do: keep the fire contained as much as possible and limit your losses.


So sorry for the conflagration. Glad it was able to be contained. Thanks for posting this topic. It isn’t easy to post a mistake, especially of this magnitude. I can’t imagine how bad this feels.

It will help us all learn to improve safety.

For all those who are reading this topic and haven’t been following a lot about materials and safety, cardboard has some intrinsic characteristics that make it liable to catch fire. The corrugations allow fire to propagate outside of the influence of the air assist in a normal situation. With the foam sheet on top, that does make it more likely that the cardboard catches on fire.


Ouch!!! Lol on having a blade attached, I guess if you didn’t put a blade on the motor spindle, it couldn’t do much damage!!!

After using a chainsaw for 50 years, in shorts in the summer time, I finally got a pair of chaps!!!

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Yeah I’d kick back my referral bonus too. Together with the buyer discount that cuts $1000 off a new one right?


I’m glad to see that the damage was contained within your Glowforge but I’m very sorry for the loss.

Looking at the damage, I’m not sure if this is a ‘total loss’ or not. It may be worth having one of our technicians take a look at it to see if it’s possible to repair your unit or if there’s another way we can help you get back to printing. I’ll follow up with you in email to work out the details.