Fire is coming from print head and charing all of my material

Hello. fire is coming from print head and charing all of my material. Ive cleaned and sprayed everything. Would anyone have any assistance as to why this is happening? I’m using only acrylic. I have a video but can’t figure out how to upload it.

Glowforge Proofgrade Acrylic?

Acrylic is one of the most flammable materials. If it’s not GF PG, you will likely need to adjust the settings.

The cleanliness of the air assist fan can also affect cut performance. Nothing should be sprayed, though. The machine is very sensitive to any kind of moisture and easily damaged by over-zealous cleaning.


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There are two small fans that need to be clean. One is the little one on the printhead, and the other is the air assist fan on the carriage plate. Have you removed the carriage plate, removed the air assist fan cover and cleaned the fan completely with a brush or qtips (not spraying air or cleaner on the fan blades). Have you used a brush or qtip to clean the printhead fan?

Does your acrylic have paper masking which is catching fire? What speed/power are you using to cut your acrylic?


Are you sure fire is coming FROM the print head? Because that would be a bigger problem than fans and masking catching fire.


What are you spraying?

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