Fire while cutting acrylic 1/8 green

Making some jewelry and before I knew it - there was a small fire. Luckily I got it before it went nuts- but now I need parts replaced. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? I cleaned everything before I used. We even use an a 6" external fan on it as well. All the settings were set to medium acrylic. Smelled more fumes- turned around to see a flame- sparked up and ran to turn off everything and put out the fire. My husband seems to thinks the fan in the back of the Glowforge caught on fire?

Support will be along with instructions for replacing the gantry plate. It is a component that is available from the company, so the downtime is the worst of it. Glad you caught it early.
Almost all the fires we’ve seen involve acrylic, particularly where a lot of cuts are close together. Dumping a lot of heat on acrylic like that increases the risk.


Had no idea. I LOVE my Glowforge. My husband uses it most of the time with wood. I’ve been trying other materials when I have the chance. I love it with Acrylic. But, I haven’t been doing this too often to know any better. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll look for more information to come.

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Will they know how to notify me?

Hi @akleebank. I saw that you emailed us about this issue as well. We’ll go ahead and close this forum thread to avoid any potential for miscommunication and will be hearing back via email soon. Thank you!