First Box Build

We just got our GF about 3 weeks ago. By “we” I mean my wife and I. I consider us a team as she is the extremely talented designer and builder while I’m mostly filling the role of financier. LOL

This is our first box build heavily inspired by Xabbess’ build found here:

We prototyped with cardboard to test the cut and fit. Then we used PG Red Oak and Black Acrylic for the build. We really love the way that it turned out!

2020-03-30 (3) 2020-03-30 (4) 2020-03-30 2020-03-30 (1) 2020-03-30 (2)


Wow, turned out great! It also makes think I really need some black acrylic!

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How incredibly fine the acrylic cuts are! Do they make patterns on the table when you have a light in it?

Whoa, you’re way ahead of where I was at 3 weeks in. Nice work!

That is a very impressive first box!

Thanks for the comments everyone! My wife is a graphic designer by trade so this is all very much in her wheelhouse. We are loving the GF!

I like the scoring around the windows, the acrylic in the lid, and the acrylic handle!