First cut is the deepest

Yes, I realize you’re thinking “Is that a pun, or did we travel back in time?” And no not as dramatic as my original first cut post back in PRU-land

But I am faculty at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, and we are building out our medical maker space and we put in a Glowforge Plus and while the hospital HVAC team hasn’t hooked us into the exhaust system we ran the hose out the back door and made a lot of things today. The good news is this room has multiple negative pressure exhaust systems to hook into.

We also have 2 Gmax g1.5+ massive printers, 2 Formlabs Form 2 SlA printers, 2 -Risa mk3 and we are looking to the markforged metal printer system (If we get a grant since it’s about $200k). Most of this will be used in clinical 3D printing for orthopedics and maker education. The guy in blue is my son (the pilot) and the guy with the baseball hat is my colleague from surgery Mike. We printed a duplicate of him…

Our plan is to train one of my goats to hit the button on the Glowforge…


Gosh, amazing! Is this your new gig? Perfect fit, I’d say.


No, I still have my primary job at IBM Watson Health and clinically I am at BIDMC at Harvard but I’ve had this faculty position for 3 years so far (Mostly in clinical informatics)


Technology to help animals, I love it!! :dog::cat::hedgehog: