Delivering babies


So for those of you who have kids, you know that the moment of birth is a life altering moment for you. As a doctor you get to participate in a moment in people’s lives that is truly incredible. Delivering a baby is truly the highlight of your day, although the waiting can make it seem like a marathon by the time it happens.

People have waited and waited and with incredible anticipation, and the day finally comes. There is of course some agony mixed in with the waiting, but when the moment of delivery happens it’s somehow made sweeter by that pain.

Even more amazing than delivery of some random stranger, is the even larger moment when you participate in the delivery of your own, and that is what I got to do today. It’s a moment to remember, and luckily someone was on hand to snag a photo of me in action…

It was a very big baby, but with struggles we got it out. It certainly makes a lot of noise, but that is what you expect with a new baby!

@dan_berry figured you’d appreciate the gloves…

Weekly Highlights for the Week ending April 8th, 2017

Thats awesome!!!
So creative…cant wait to see what you dream up now!!!


Bahahaha…! :sweat_smile: Congratulations!

I’m somewhat scared for what the mother went through… or rather, who IS the mother on the table…? :smiley:


actually it’s a what not a who. That is one of our $120,000 Laerdal simulation mannequins (i.e. a robot, which seemed appropriate to give birth to a GlowForge). It breaths, talks, pupils respond to light, it responds to anesthetic (that one currently was hooked up to the anesthesia machine), airways can tighten, it has pulses, and body sounds, etc…

Since OB-GYN was actually using the sim OR today, I was expecting the birthing robot to be in there but it was in the fake ICU, so that wasn’t going to work as well (the inside of that one is super complex as the baby actually rotates on its way out, but can be made to have all sorts of issues during delivery…)


That’s awesome. :smiley: Naturally, I forwarded the photo to my girlfriend (another doctor) and I’m snickeringly awaiting her eyeroll response to it. :joy:

Edit: I should mention that she’s on her way through US customs this afternoon. I sure hope they don’t pick through her phone… ha!


@dan ?


What kind of doc and where?


Chuckle! That was clever! Congratulations! :joy:


I’ll DM you. She tends to be rather guarded with public info.


Congrats man! Really excited to see what kind of use you make of your gf


Wow, slightly mixed emotion on this. On the one hand I look fwd to seeing what you can do with it but on the other hand, no more exciting assignments. Congratulations!


Oh Boy Oh Boy!
It’s like a teaser commercial for my favorite TV show.
Don’t miss tonight’s episode of Henry’s Hospital: a new tool to make more body parts. New challenges, cavities, and medical humor! And now, a new take on Laser Surgery! After the news.
I’m super eager to see what you do.


Oh not so. You have way more experience than I do so far! We’ll just be collaborating…


oh man, your expression is priceless. Great pic.


reminds me of that scene from ‘the fly’ haha


Awesome! You could farm out the work to a network of :glowforge:s, like a supercomputer.


That could be fun


Congratulations! Glad to see a pre-release in New England. I’m sure you’ll do great things with it!


Hahaha! Best Hello World ever.


Don’t want THAT ONE coming out breech!