First day making: Honeycomb earrings, plant labels, tiny chair, and more!



Unpackaged her this week, and today finally got to start making! I have some past experience with an Epilog at a maker space, but it’s been quite a while, and so had to get through the first chunk of my learning curve today re: file set up, starting to play with different materials, etc.

Had fun making plant labels-- I’ve done them before out of wood (using bulk box of untreated whitewood labels from greenhouse supply company), but thought I’d see what I could do with what I had around. They really don’t need to be permanent, and I find it quite helpful to have some up to date info on them, because I inevitably lose my sheet of paper of what was planted when, et al. I love mat board as a pretty sturdy and readily-available free/used/cheap medium. It was sunny in Michigan and 40, so much warmer and a great day to do a first planting of cool weather crops in my little hoophouse. I experimented with both mat board and cardboard (tried two different settings). No masking, as I’m fine with some burn marks-- they’re going to get dirty anyway. The mat board did better of course, but cardboard wasn’t half bad-- this was thicker corrugated so it flops a bit when you try to stick it into the ground-- might be better to put it on a skewer-- then the skewer is what sticks into the ground.

Also, designed some honeycomb earrings that I printed on the Proofgrade maple hardwood, as well as a undefined-use honey-comb shaped thing as an experiment.


Downloaded, printed, and assembled an OpenDesk chair that I scaled down from CNC and human size, and now making adjustments on the design that I think will improve it and taking away elements like the drill holes. Rubber-bands were being temporarily used as clamps. Fun to see the great furniture we can adapt to laser scale.


Cool projects! (Like all the info on the plant labels…that’s a great idea!) :grinning:


Thanks! I love having Latin/scientific names in particular-- I know most of them now but it’s a good reminder. But, I often have really old seed that I try to germinate, and so to keep track of what year the seed is from is helpful. After a while if it doesn’t germinate, time to plant something else in that spot. I think it’ll be fun to compare the anticipated harvest date with actual, and to manually mark down the date first seedlings emerge. :slight_smile:


Grab some yellow acrylic from inventables.


And make an awesome honey dipper!


Great idea!! I had been thinking honey-dipper, and acrylic would be perfect.


What a great idea to make the plant stakes out of biodegradable material. Nice chair (needs a banana) and honey dipper too!


Oh those plant labels are getting nicked! :smiley: great job.

I’m loving the earrings too.


What fun projects! Not sure which I love the most … maybe the plant markers.


Looks like you’re harvesting before we plant :grinning:


not sure what growing zone you’re in, but with very simple and cheap season extension even in northern climes (michigan) we can grow much of the year-- contrary to popular belief. :slight_smile:


Love the plant labels! We grow pretty much 24/7 but I still forget what those seedings are. Great!


Zone 6 but we get some wicked cold - spent weeks never getting out of the single digits (F) this winter. No sun so expensive to supplementally heat a small greenhouse. (And as the non-vegetarian in the house, hard to get motivated without the chance of prime beef growing in there…the wife on the other hand :slightly_smiling_face:)


That would make a wonderful honey dipper or bubble wand. Some really clean work there.


You’re off to a great start! Can’t wait to see what else you create.


I thought the one was a honey dipper :slightly_smiling_face:


that was the original intent as i was designing, and then i got a little carried away-- a bit too big to fit into the honey jar… :slight_smile:


That doesn’t sound fun!



Another nor’easter coming tomorrow. :unamused:

It’s seriously getting old.

(8-12" is the current estimate :worried:)