First days! Tried some 3D engraving

I got the GF on monday 19th. It took only a weekend to come to Slovenia (EU) really fast.

First ofc I burned some paper, not knowing how much power to use. Then I burned some card board. Then played around with wood, just making some cuts.

So today I decided to test out 3D engraving. On some spare plywood I had it looked horrible, because of the glue I think and the way it’s made. Then I grabbed the first hardwood I could find. A cheese board :slight_smile:

The first one (The fish) came out OK. I used only 50% power at max speed and one pass.

The second one (The flower thingy) I used 100% power at max speed and also one pass.

While I really like the outcome, should I do more passes at lower power, or was this fine?
I cleaned the engraves up with just some water and a brush, like in the GF 3D engrave video.

PS: The cheese board is still in function on the other side :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s so hard to tell in a 2D image… Is that flower as deep as I think it is?! Or is that just an illusion from all of the great shading you got? I mean I can tell it’s got real depth, but, man, it looks REALLY deep (and really awesome).


Yeah, its pretty deep. I remember thinking if I’d go one more pass, it might go through the board :smile:


Yeah, the flower ornament turned out great! :grinning:


The flower engraving is absolutely beautiful!


Wow - the flower is fantastic! Would you mind sharing the image you use to cut that with? I’d love try it out.


That’s really up to you :slight_smile: They look really great to me too so don’t know why you’d need to change the settings you used. It can be fun and educational to try different setting though. I’ve had my GF for months now and I still will try the same file several different ways just to see what it looks like.

I cut the same flower image using the 3D option and this was my result. This was using the PF basswood.



This is the one I’ve used :slight_smile:


wow these turn out a lot more 3d than some of the other 3d engravings ive seen. the bat one is so cute!

Edit: I forgot to ask, how long did each of those engravings take to do?

Wow, I’m impressed!

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The flower pattern came out wonderfully. Can’t wait to see what else you make!