Even more 3D (Bat and decorative tile)

The novelty will wear off eventually and I’ll stop boring ya’ll with these posts, but man, this 3D setting is a blast. :heart_eyes:

I’m getting use to adjusting the greyscale files for the black to cut all the way through and got some pretty cool results this time. Neither of these have any cut lines in the design at all other than a square cut around the outside. Basswood makes for amazing engraving.


Definitely not boring!! These are simply amazing!


This is quite something!!!


Don’t stop posting. These are awesome and inspiring ideas!


Very cool! I’m going to have to include some Basswood in an order one of these days! :grinning::+1:


Oh, I’m so in love with that bat! Very Gorey :slight_smile:


This, my esteemed friend, is fantastic!
I just made some bats. I was all proud of my slick work, and started nosing around at what’s new on the forum.

Your bat is amazing.

Glowforge is a fantastic tool for the crayola-grade artist like me; but it really is also an incredible tool for a real artist like yourself. You are amazing. And every bit as distinct from me as you were before the laser came.
Thank you for sharing. I love your stuff. Please don’t stop sharing.


How could we ever tire of posts like this!? Looks so amazing!


Oh no…please don’t stop! These are magnificent. I can hardly wait to try it myself. Thank you.


Amazing!! I can’t stop playing with the 3D settings, I’m becoming obsessed!



I want to do some engraves like that, but I want to finish them in such a way that they look like they are made from plastic or metal… No wood grain or pores visible. How can you get a smooth finish on a part like that, suitable for painting?

Although it would reduce the detail, you could spray them with a high gloss paint or chrome paint. Krylon makes a bunch I believe.

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Or maybe you can try with Rust-Oleum Filler Primer or Spray PlastiDip.

I want to try some ceiling decorations, so thanks for the basswood tip :+1:


But just adding paint would not conceal the grain, right? Don’t you need
something to fill it in if you want the final result to be not obviously
made from wood?

These are stellar! Please keep sharing!

sand a LOT first before adding the paint. You can work out the grain so it doesn’t show through the paint.

Maybe the sanding tip on a dremel

I’m just now approaching basswood 3d carves. What settings did you use to get these results?

I assume it’s the “vary power” by greyscale manual engrave. What speed?