First engrave!


Received my :glowforge: last Saturday and haven’t had much time to play. Mainly trying to nail down cardstock setting, but then all the settings were changed of course.
So today I had some time (finally). Since I’ve always lived in Syracuse, went to SU, and am a huge 'Cuse sports fan, I did an engrave to welcome in the new season and put in my fan cave!

Came out pretty well I think. Haven’t cleaned or weeded yet, but will fit right in to my room.
Can’t wait for the 3d engrave setting for this!



That looks like a pretty good size piece, maybe an hour+ on time? That’s a patient wait for the first engrave! :smiley:


1:01. Yeah, and my wife went shopping so I couldn’t get a break. Not bad though.


That’s cool! (Love the use of the term “Fan Cave”.) :grinning:


Hey, my wife is a fan too!


Super nice job! I like the different shades.




You know you need to rework that in orange and blue acrylic next, right? :wink:


Thought about that!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very cool for first engrave!


Neat. My son lives in Syracuse. He’s finishing grad school at SU (on their dime) while he waits for his girlfriend to finish her architecture degree.


Good for you that it’s on their dime!


Congrats. Glad to see another NY glowforge!!


Well, happy birthday @teditz ! :gift::gift_heart::confetti_ball::four_leaf_clover::hatching_chick:


Thanks @Jules






Wishing you a fantastic birthday @teditz! Hope it’s lots of fun.


Thanks @Xabbess!


Good for him :slight_smile:

He runs their holodeck (a VR lab) and started a company to do AR that’s getting VC/PE funding so he’s busy. Makes up for no scholarships for years 1 - 3 (he graduated undergrad early).