First Glowforge Products


Card Wallets & Phone Case/Wallets. It’s a game changer.


Very professionally done!


Oh wow! Great job on them! Are those birds on a wire? :grinning:


Just curious, those look exceptional, stitching, finishing, all of it. Besides cutting the pattern, did the Glowforge play any other role (holes for stitching, engraving, etc.,)


Really nice! Please keep posting!


Thanks! It’s the logo for my company, Tres Cuervos Leatherworks (& the logo is a from a stamp on a Kwikprint).


Hi, thanks! I used the GF for stitch holes. The logo was made with a magesium stamp on a Kwikprint.


As they say. Put a bird on it!


Maybe I won’t make my own wallet. Maybe I’ll order one from you.




How are the edges? From all the pictures of laser cut leather I see the edges don’t loom nearly as nice as stuff cut with a sharp edge and burnished


The edges need to be sanded, painted & then burnished.


Now THAT is what I’m talking about. Well done. (My wife has been very curious why I buy up all the leather I run across yet don’t seem to be making anything… shhh don’t tell her!)


That’s not Proofgrade leather, is it?


No, it’s Horween leather.




Professional finish on those, very nice!


They look great!


Very nicely done!:+1::grin::glowforge:


Love all the variations and the embossed leather. Can’t wait to see what else is up your sleeves!