First go ‘round

So I haven’t received my proofgrade material yet, but I’ve waited 2+ years at this point to wait another day! So with out further ado…

I know I know, it’s not the founder ruler, but I already have enough rulers. But we did want this fancy measurator: Pasghetti Measurator

And holy cow does acrylic stink. Not sure if this is normal or if it’s just the Optix stuff from Home Depot


I think the Proofgrade acrylic doesn’t smell quite as bad as some, but give me the burning hair smell of leather any day! I think @jbv’s pasghetti measurator should be the new Founder’s ruler. 'Cuz pasta.


The Optix stuff is extruded acrylic, I believe. Cast acrylic smells a lot less.

(The Proofgrade is cast acrylic…you’re going to notice a significant difference.)


There’s a brass knuckles one floating around here somewhere.

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Congrats on your new machine! Having fun already, even without the Proofgrade, I see. You will really appreciate it when it comes–it’s lovely stuff.

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I love the idea of Proofgrade, but would also love a database of readily available, local products (Home Depot, Lowes, Tandy…) that have been tried successfully with links to purchase, settings that work and notes on things like smell and such.

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I’ve only cut the proofgrade acrylic once and boy, if that’s better than extruded I’ll never cut extruded! Super stinky to me.

Yeah, no problem with alternate sources, (and sometimes GF runs low on stuff), but definitely choose cast acrylic over extruded whenever you get the opportunity. That extruded acrylic is enough to gag a maggot. :confounded:


Yeah, completely agree! First time I cut acrylic was on a free sheet of extruded my friend gave me. The amount of nasty smoke and deposits on the machine interior were definitely not worth it. The proofgrade acrylic I don’t really mind, just a slight smell like someone doing their nails.


Alas, some of the fancy acrylics, like mirror acrylic, only comes extruded :frowning:
I really need to seal up my vent hose with some metal tape.

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I bought some acrylic from HD months ago and I couldn’t find anywhere on the label whether it was cast or extruded. If I have to do research, then it would be nice to save someone else the time. :smiley:

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So extruded also creates more deposits on the machine? It’s not just the smell? I don’t think I’ll ever use extruded.

My first cuts on acrylic were on mirrored extruded. It was months before I tried the Proofgrade…the smell was that bad.

The whole house stank for days…not a happy introduction. Trust me… you’ll be able to tell the difference. (It also didn’t help that I had a few leaks around the Quick Connect.) :roll_eyes:

yeah, white smoke pouring out the exhaust. white/yellow powder in the whole bed, smell took hours to clear out. I probably didn’t have the settings perfect, just used the settings for the proofgrade, but he was in a hurry so I didn’t have time to do tests.

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Yuck. Will avoid. Does Delrin have any of these issues?